Monday, 17 August 2009


At our Expense - MCD - Released by Bones Brigade Records, France. Edition of 500
17 Tracks, 15 Minutes. Joe Pesci first official Cd release. Music recorded @ The Afternoon Gentleman's Practise space, Leeds. Vocals recorded @ Unit 28, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Backing Vocals recorded @ Dan Pesci's House, Glasgow. Mixed and Mastered by Dan Pesci. Artwork by Luis Sendon

Sylvester Staline split EP - Cdr - Edition of ??

Takin' Brick's to the Face - EP - Cdr - Edition of ???

The Sylvester Staline and Takin' Brick's to the Face tracks will be on an Up and Coming split Cd, with our friends from the Czech Republic, Onanizer, released on Cadaver Terror Productions, Mexico . It will also include unreleased tracks/rehearsal tracks and demo's.Release date TBC.

Split 4 way - LP - Released by Rawby Records, 6am 7am Records, Do Not Entry Records(R.I.P) and Circus of the Macabre Records. Edition of 500.
Bands included on this 4 way split include. Lycanthrophy(Czech Republic), From the Ashes(Sweden)-R.I.P. and After the Last Sky(England).
The Joe Pesci tracks on this release were recorded live @ Polestar Practice Room's through one mic, after 2 practices, no production.


Limited to 50 pieces. Artwork by Husni form SMG, Malaysia. NOW COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!

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